GSM Gateways


Calls to mobile networks are increasing exponentially and therefore organizations with basic phone systems pay excessive cost of fixed-to-mobile calls. Matrix GSM gateways integrates GSM networks directly into the existing telephony infrastructure. This reduces interconnection toll charges and communication costs. Matrix offers a wide range of integrated and scalable gateways, providing seamless connectivity to GSM/3G networks.

Product Range

  • Fixed GSM/3G to FXS Gateway
  • Scalable GSM/3G to FXS Gateway
  • Fixed GSM/3G to ISDN BRI Gateways
  • Scalable GSM/3G to ISDN BRI Gateway
  • Scalable GSM/3G to T1/E1/PRI Gateway
  • Scalable GSM/3G to VoIP Gateway
  • Fixed GSM/3G-VoIP-FXO-FXS Voice Gateways